My name is Jill. I live in the beautiful south west corner of Western Australia.
I am a daughter, sister, wife to a Primary School teacher, mother to two amazing sons, mother-in-law to a lovely girl, and grandmother to two equally amazing but very individual grandsons.

I have a day office job, which pays the bills, but my passion is photography and travelling around my beautiful diverse country.
I have been writing freelance (mostly travel articles) for a couple of Australian travel magazines since 2002.  Since then we have managed to travel over most of our state of Western Australia.  We are always planning where to go next. I particularly love travelling and bushwalking during spring when our wildflowers are spectacular.
I bought my first digital camera in 2005 and since then my photography has taken off and become my passion. I enjoy all genres of photography, but lately I am focussing on food photography. I would like one day to make this my profession.

When I am not working, looking after my family, or taking photos, I am a member of a local writers group and a photography group. I also started to learn Flamenco dancing 2 years ago with Sol y Sombra Dance Company in my home town.

You can visit it me at
my blog - www.lifeimagesbyjill.blogspot.com.au
and my Flickr photography page - www.flickr.com/photos/lifeimagesbyjill


  1. ps - my husband is used to my "stop the car"! on our travels - and has been known to carry my tripod when we are bushwalking - bless him.